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Together we have come up with the Journey bag which is a PORTABLE, MULTIPURPOSE, ENERGY CONSERVING TRAVEL BAG. The Journey Bag is made and designed to make the task of washing dirty laundry quick and easy while on the move from one destination to another. We have designed the bag so that it can be compacted down for light travelling and can be used as a dry bag when in wet conditions. 

The Journey bag is a unique piece of equipment and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. What makes us different to overseas competitors is that our product is not strictly just a washing bag, it offers a wide variety of other uses as it can act as a travel backpack with high vis material which can act as a safety bag and a dry bag to protect the items inside from wet conditions. 

Why buy The Journey Bag?

As a Young Enterprise company from Roncalli College, our goal is to get our product into the hands of hundreds of kiwis and make a positive change in their explorations around the country by providing an eco-friendly option to help the environment while solving problems they didn't know they even had. By choosing The Journey Bag you are helping us acheive our goal of a more eco-friendly environment and making New Zealands outdoors better for everyone.

The Journey Bag is New Zealand first washing bag that is manufactured riight here in New Zealand and more specifically, Christchurch. Did you know each time you use a washing machine you may be releasing over 700,000 microscopic plastic fibers into the environment. Buying The Journey Bag means no use of a washing machine so you can re-use They Journey Bag as many time as you like pairing it with an eco-friendly washing powder and disposing on the water safely dont a drain where it will not harm the environment.  They Journey bag will be packaged in a small amount of recycled cardboard which can again be recycled and not harm the environment with any un-needed plastics.