Journey Bag

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The Journey Bag is made and designed to make overnight excursions lighter and more efficient. We have designed the bag so that it can be compacted down for light travelling and can be used as a dry bag, backpack, safety hi-vis flag and portable washing machine with detachable backpack strap to be used as a 4m washing line. 

With every Journey Bag you purchase you will recieve a 50g Green Goddess eco-friendly washing powder so you dont need to worry about taking a big pack of washing powder


  • Detachable backpack straps that act as a 4m washing line with easy use
  • Washing compartment that gently scrubs your clothes
  • Multi-purpose dry bag
  • Compactable to easily fit in a travel bag or even pocket!
  • Light-weight



  • Journey Bag  8L
  • Green Goddess powder Sachet 50g  
  • Backpack straps/washing line
Out of Stock