Frequently asked questions

Q. When will i be able to purchase a Journey Bag?

A. You are able to purchase your own Journey Bag via pre-sale right now! But we are near the end of theproduction phase of The Journey Bag and our first batch is being produced on the 28th-29th July so you will be able to purchase you Journey Bag without it being via pre-sale at the start of August!


Q. How much will the Journey Bag cost?

A. At this point, our Journey Bag is retailing at $74.99, but we are working to get the price down to meet our customers preferred price. 


Q. Will the Journey Bag come in different sizes or colours?

A. At this stage, the Journey Bag is only avaliable in orange but in the future we will look into producing more colours!


Any other question, contact us via destination.yes2020@gmail.com and we will aim to answer your question within the same working day as best as we can.