Destination is a group of 4 young entrepreneurs from Roncalli College under the YES scheme 2020. We believe that travelling in the great outdoors can be made easier and we are keen to make a difference in kiwi explorers' lives. We want to make exploring the outdoors as easy and efficient as possible. 

Together we have come up with the Journey bag which is a Multi-use Travel Wash Bag. The Journey Bag is made and designed to ease troubles outdoor travellers experience on their journeys. The main purpose is to save space and weight, it contains washing, storage, airtight, and protection capabilities all in one compactable 8L Travel Bag. 

The Journey bag is a unique piece of equipment and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. What makes us different to overseas competitors is that our product is not strictly just a washing bag, it offers a wide variety of other uses as it can act as a travel backpack with high vis material which can act as a safety bag and a dry bag to protect the items inside from wet conditions. 

Destination are continuing in YES 2021 and will work to further expand the Journey bag lines and potentially introduce new products under Destinations name.