Why buy The Journey Bag?

As a Young Enterprise company from Roncalli College, our goal is to get our product into the hands of hundreds of kiwis and make a positive change in their explorations around the country by providing a light reusable option to help the environment while solving problems they didn't know they even had. By choosing The Journey Bag you are helping us achieve our goal of making a positive change in our people's explorations around the country.

The Journey Bag is New Zealand's first multi-use travel bag that is manufactured right here in New Zealand and more specifically, Christchurch.

Did you know each time you use a washing machine you may be releasing over 700,000 microscopic plastic fibres into the environment? Buying The Journey Bag means no use of a washing machine so you can re-use the Journey Bag as many time as you like. The Journey bag will be packaged in a small amount of recycled cardboard which can again be recycled and not harm the environment with any un-needed plastics.



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